Status Closed
2018-02-07 - 2018-05-16
Adblurb is a scam!
Do not invest into this project

When I was brought on this project, I was also tasked to hire a community manager. After seeing the website and whitepaper for the first time, I could see it was riddled with typos, grammar errors. It was like a 10 year old wrote all of it. The person who I communicated with was someone called "Luc Brunelle" and after he constantly said he was an englishman, and that they had a whole team, I was very confused why was their website and whitepaper so shoddly.

Then my community manager, Chris asked for some proof of ID, just a quick selfie would suffice. Instead of taking a quick photo, luc provided countless excuses and refused. Then after Chris had some contact with the "team of adblurb", he was even more concered. An advisor that Luc tried to bring onto the team asked for a call, and then heard a very indian accent speaking. No way this person was luc.

More proofs that this ico is a scam.

- Luc refuses to take a selfie, but instead sends a photo of his passport, which is way more unsafe/
- Luc finally agrees to take a selfie after 12 hours. Probably went to the real luc's house and took a photo.
- Luc says he is in London timezone, but everyday, I see him online at 12am to 6am on telegram. When does this man sleep?
- Chris called BJL about Herbert Hills listed working history on his LinkedIn (before it was removed). He allegedly worked there for 3 years, but their firm had no record of anyone by that name.-
- LinkedIn profiles where very new, and now removed.
- Luc's old picture was a photoshopped picture. After being called out, he removed it.

Will be posting more pics here of chats.