Status Closed
2017-12-07 - 2018-03-14

This is the first round of AdHive bounty that will last until 6th of February.

-The Bounty Manager can make slight changes in the Bounty Campaign if deemed necessary
-We reserve the right to remove you from any campaign at any time if we think you are not honest.
-We reserve the right to remove you from any campaign with explaining why we removed you.
-If the bounty doesn't reach minimum participant number,  all the participants will receive tokens accroding to their stakes, if the number of participants was at the minimum i.e. if Facebook bounty has 100 participants and the minimum is 1000, we will miltiply total FB stakes by 10 and divide the stackes for the participants
-All payments will be made in ETH and ADH.
-ETH Payments are made each week.

The Stake System

Bounty participants will be split into bounty pools based on their method of contribution with each pool having its own distribution of ADH Tokens or ETH. The fairest way to share the 20% of sold tokens on Pre-sale(maximum $150,000) bounty is by using the “stakes” system.

You will be awarded "stakes" for each task you successfully complete in each pool. After the end of the pre-sale (6th  February 2018) the entire value of the pool will be distributed to the stake holders based on the number of stakes they hold. i.e. someone with 1000 stakes will get exactly double the amount that someone with 500 stakes will get.

The total bounty is divided into:
Social Media
Twitter - 40%
Facebook – 50%
Bug bounty - 5%
Additional bonus - 5% - for most active and involved participants. Will be decided at the end of bounty campaign

All bounty participants have to pass KYC in order to receive their tokens

All bounty participants should write a personal message on twitter\facebook from their accounts  with their email address that will be used to distribute tokens. Deadline is 28th of February.
- If you won't contact us or reply to a personal message to tell your email and number in spreadsheet, you are automaticaly disqualified.
- All approved members will receive tokens accordingly to their stakes.

Telegram bounty is back! Win up to 0.6 ETH each week by simply adding 3 friends to our telegram chat!

1st prize: 0.6 ETH
2nd prize: 0.3 ETH
3rd prize: 0.1 ETH

-Add 3 friends to our telegram chat:
-Register here:
- Each Sunday at 10:30 PM GMT we will announce winners on a live stream.

List of this week winners can be found in our telegram chat.


CLOSED results

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Please check your status here:

Moved to blogger bounty, follow the news!


Check +  use it and check every function
Report bugs to our telegram channel
1 bug found and described - 1 stake
Depending on a bug, you can get more stakes.
All stakes will be multiplied by a factor 1.5 if you participate in AdHive Telegram bounty
Register here -
You can check your participation status here -

Closed, all the participants will receive tokens according to what they've done