Status Closed
2017-12-30 - 2018-03-31
Ascensus Energy Initial Smart Contracts – Class A Crypto shares Offering
January 18, 2018 to March 31, 2018 or when target is reached.

Earn Bonus by participating in the Bounty Program of Ascensus Energy in the amount of 500 000 euro. The Bounty Program will be active until all of funds have been allocated or the Initial Smart Contracts Offering will be ended (which will come sooner).
Bounty rewards will be issued within 5 days after close of the Initial Smart Contracts Offering.

How to earn up to 100 euro daily:

1. BitcoinTalk, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit post about Ascensus Energy – 20 euro per post.
2. BitcoinTalk, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Telegram comment about Ascensus Energy on crypto, ICO related pages, with Likes to Ascensus Energy posts – 10 euro per comment.
3. Referrals: your friend should participate in the bounty program – 20 euro per friend.
4. Fill out personal Google spreadsheet with URLs.

You can create no more than two paid posts or comments in each of the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Telegram daily. We will check that you are real person.

You will receive 30 euro for registration in the bounty program, follow the steps:

1. Fill out the Registration form
2. Comment on this Thread.
3. Join Telegrams of Ascensus Energy Main and Chat.
4. Follow us in any two social networks.
5. Fill out personal Google spreadsheet with URLs.

How to earn more:

1. 20 – 500 euro for creating graphic images for our advertising campaign.
2. 50 – 1000 euro for writing articles on the Medium about us.
3. 200 – 5000 euro for making video about Ascensus Energy on YouTube.

Your graphics, articles, videos links must be posted in this Thread and your personal spreadsheet must be filled. Payments will be given out depending content quality and responses, impressions from articles or video!

After registration:

- You will receive invitation from to your personal Google Spreadsheet.
- If you show the proof of your posts or comments with URL (screenshot Imgur URLs) on your personal Google Spreadsheet, we will reserved funds for you.
- You can find information about earned bonuses on our website

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Thank You!