Status Closed
2018-02-22 - 2018-04-30

The Bounty will last from February 21st until April 30th (or until the Hardcap is reached, whichever comes first).
Violation of any of the terms and conditions will result in termination from the bounty program, and as a result you won’t receive any tokens.

1. Eligibility

- You must be over 18 years of age
- You must not be a citizen or resident of the PRC, Singapore, the USA and its territories (US Virgin Islands etc)
- You must explicitly agree and acknowledge terms and conditions of this bounty program
- You must explicitly agree and acknowledge terms of the BitRewards Token Sale
- You must not promise any profits to Token Sale participants
- You must not post any information that BIT tokens:
(a) will be listed or will be available for trade at crypto exchanges until the BitRewards Network confirms this;
(b) will increase in value (rise in value, make profit, get return on it, price will go up, or any similar words or expressions are prohibited);
(c) will be in demand on a secondary market because of liquidity, burning up, or any other event;
(d) provide the opportunity to receive a profit (make a good investment or any similar words or expressions).

2. Bounty Structure.

1.5% of the total token supply goes for the bounty campaign: 30,000,000 Bit tokens or up to $350,000. Bounty campaign is structured as following:

2.1. Twitter Campaign - 30% (up to $105,000)

30% of the bounty pool is allocated to the Twitter campaign — a reward for sharing BitRewards tweets.

- Participants must follow the BitRewards profile
- Participant accounts must have a minimum of 300 followers
- Accounts must be authentic and active. Fake, dead, inactive and bot accounts will not be accepted
- Participant’s account must be public during the whole bounty campaign
- Participant’s must actively like and retweet all BitRewards tweets
- Participants must post a minimum of one unique post a week with the hashtag #BitRewards
- Participants must provide a proof of work with links to their tweets and retweets in the thread each week
- Terms and Conditions can be adjusted as needed

The bounty campaign timing is till the end of the Token Sale. In order to receive the bonus, each member is expected to participate till the end of the campaign.

A member, who has not hit Like, or has not retweeted posts during one week, or unfollowed BitRewards Twitter is not eligible for a reward.
In order to join the campaign, please first register and wait for the approval. Please do not start work without being approved first.



2.2. Translation campaign - 10% (up to $35000)

10% of the bounty pool is allocated to the Translation campaign — a reward for translating the original post, and presentation of BitRewards in the national threads of Bitcointalk as well as for translating the Whitepaper.


- Only members with profile rank Jr. Member or higher can participate
- Еach member should translate the ANN, create national BitRewards thread on Bitcointalk, and publish the translation. Each campaign participant will receive 100 stakes for the translation.
- There must be link to our official ANN thread at the beginning of each national threads.
- Also, the member should post the minimum of 7 posts per week in the national thread of Bitrewards. In these posts the member should answer the questions of the users and publish the news and useful information. If the member fails to post at least 7 posts per week, they will be disqualified.
- Max reward for one member is limited to 300 stakes for Bitcointalk activity. Spamming and trolling of any kind will get the participant disqualified.
- Additional stakes are available for translating BitRewards Whitepaper - quality translation can add up to 150 stakes. These stakes does not count as reward for Bitcointalk activity, thus participants who translated both ANN and Whitepaper can receive up to 450 stakes.

Еach member should go through registration and wait for the approval. Please do not start working on you material without getting our approval first in order to avoid unpleasant situations.



2.3. Creative campaign - 33% (up to $115,500)

33% of the bounty pool is allocated to the Creative campaign: Rewards for copywriting (articles, blog posts, comments), videos, infographics and creation of other types of content. Core languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Other languages are welcome as well, but all else being equal, content in the mentioned languages might receive more stakes.
- All publications should be original and will be measured by their quality, length, audience and creativity and will get from 0 to 10  stakes accordingly. All written materials must be above 2,000 characters while videos must be longer than 2.5 minutes. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.

- Each campaign member should make at least 1 publication before the Token Sale starts.

- Еach member should go through registration and wait for the approval. Please do not start to work before you receive the confirmation.

- Quality of the content does not have measurable parameters and will be judged by the Bounty Team.
In order to apply for this campaign, please fill in the form. Do NOT start to work before you get approved (please check the spreadsheet).



2.4. Bitcointalk Signatures campaign - 17% (up to $59,500)

17% of the bounty pool is allocated to the Signature campaign.
In order to participate, each member should go through registration. In order to be eligible for participation, one must have at least ‘Member’ rank.

Hero/Legendary: 2.5 stakes per week
Senior Member: 2 stakes per week
Full Member : 1.5 stakes per week
Member: 1 stake per week

The stakes will be counted from the moment each user submit the participation form and get approved. After their approval, participants are not allowed to change their signatures until the end of the campaign. Random check will be made and those who will be found doing this will get immediately disqualified. Pay special attention to the fact that the campaign ends exactly when the Token Sale finishes - even if that happens before schedule in case of reaching the Hardcap.

Each campaign member should make at least 10 publications per week on Bitcointalk outside BitRewards topic page during their participation in campaign. All posts must be made in “Alternate cryptocurrencies” or “Trading Discussion” sections of the forum. Posts in the off-topic threads will not get counted and spamming and trolling of all kinds will simply get the participant disqualified.

Multiple accounts registration is forbidden. Checks will be made along the process and every multiple account will be delisted.

Code for sharing:


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2.5. Additional fund - 10% (up to $35,000)

If you have any ideas or if you are doing something outstanding to promote BitRewards, we will award you with additional tokens. To share your ideas, apply in this form. This part of fund is also reserved for the participants of the telegram bot bounty (currently closed).

If you would like to share any ideas - please contact BitRewardsTeam account in private message.

3. BitRewards Bounty campaign Terms and Conditions

- Only 1.5% of BitRewards tokens are available through this bounty program.
- BitRewards Bounty campaign is not an advertising campaign. Participants are not to be considered BitRewards’ promoters and/or employees in any sense. Company hereby denies any legal obligations to the Bounty campaign participants.
- Citizens and residents of the following countries are NOT allowed to receive BIT tokens:

  1. The United States of America and all the territories under the US sovereignty (excluding accredited investors);
  2. China;
  3. Singapore.

- Participants from these countries are not accepted in general. In exceptional case the company will reward them with corresponding amount of ETH.
- BIT tokens will be sent to the eligible participants after the end of the Token Sale. There might be temporary lockage enforced.
- KYC procedure might be implemented before sending the tokens. In this case, participants who do not pass the procedure will not receive the tokens.
- BitRewards reserves rights to change the conditions of Bounty campaign or even cancel it at any time.