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2018-01-22 - 2018-03-01

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Ongoing Bounty Campaigns: 2 (Twitter Bounty, Telegram Bounty)

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You can expect any ongoing bounties to be posted here so make sure to bookmark this thread.

About Blocksquare

Any market we know of is defined by a set of rules that align incentives for participants. The potential of blockchain lies in the ability for us to create markets with coded rules where no single entity can subsequently alter them.

At Blocksquare we are creating a system so anyone with an internet connection will be able to buy tokens of specific commercial real estate properties and benefit from asset appreciation and passive income.

Similar to how Stripe or PayPal provide tools so e-commerce sites can easily and securely process online payments, Blocksquare is building a plug & play set of protocols, APIs and tools to process commercial real estate property tokenisation so platforms can integrate it and tap into the upcoming tokenised real estate market.

Platforms will choose to integrate Blocksquare because:

  • it will enable them to leverage blockchain technology at minimal cost,
  • the system can be adapted to local regulatory rules,
  • the PropToken standard encourages market participation,
  • is a system that puts trust at its core.

Blocksquare targets clients that already deal with real estate online and provides them the required infrastructure to offer tokenised commercial real estate deals to their user base.

Twitter Bounty

We've recently announced our Telegram bounty campaign on Bounty0x and received a great response. We have now surpassed 1000 members and will soon hit 2000! We are now announcing a Twitter campaign that will be live until the end of March 2018 to support our upcoming Series A token sale.

Bounty Requirements

  • Bounty hunters must follow the official Blocksquare twitter account
  • Account must have a minimum of 100 followers
  • Account must be authentic and active. Fake, dead, inactive and bot accounts will be disqualified
  • Participants must retweet and like at least 3 tweets per week
  • Participants must post a minimum of 1 unique post a week including the hashtags #blocksquare #ICO and a link to
  • Participants are invited to join our Telegram Group and follow our Official Telegram Announcements Channel

Bounty Campaign Pool

A dynamic pool means the total reward pool increases depending on the total number of participants at the end of the bounty campaign. A participant is an account who earned a minimum of 5 twitter_stakes.

  • Up to 99 participants: 100,000 BST
  • 100+ participants: 150,000 BST
  • 250+ participants: 250,000 BST
  • 250+ participants: 250,000 BST
  • 500+ participants: 350,000 BST
  • 1000+ participants: 500,000 BST

Stake Rewards

  • More than 100 followers: 5 twitter_stakes per week
  • More than 500 followers: 10 twitter_stakes per week
  • More than 1,000 followers: 20 twitter_stakes per week
  • More than 3,000 followers: 40 twitter_stakes per week
  • More than 5,000 followers: 80 twitter_stakes per week
  • More than 10,000 followers: 160 twitter_stakes per week

How are stakes calculated into BST tokens?
Bounty Campaign Pool / Total number of twitter_stakes * Number of twitter_stakes you earned = Amount of BST to receive

Example Calculation:

There are 150 participants at the end of the twitter campaign, with a total of 30,000 twitter_stakes awarded. You have 1,200 twitter followers and have qualified for the stakes reward during 5 weeks and earned a total of 5 x 20 = 100 twitter_stakes. In this example, 1 stake would be worth 150,000 BST / 30,000 twitter_stakes = 5 BST, thus your 100 twitter_stakes will award you 500 BST tokens.

NOTE: The above calculation is only an example to better understand how stakes in this Twitter bounty campaign work and should not be used as reference.

How to apply?

1) Sign-up at
2) Search for "Blocksquare" in the twitter bounty category
3) Scroll down and click on the "Apply" button
4) Submit a link to your Twitter account!

Telegram Bounty

We've recently announced our Telegram bounty campaign on Bounty0x and received a great response. We have now surpassed 800 members and will soon hit 1000!

To build a strong community Blocksquare will reward your activity on our Telegram group with BST tokens.

Here is how:

1. Join us on Telegram!
2. Register for the Telegram bounty program.
3. Get involved! Check out our website, whitepaper, technical paper, pitch decks, FAQ and other materials that we will provide in the future. Ask questions, find topics you would like to better understand, let us know where we can improve our presentation or simply highlight what seems important to you.
4. Follow your Telegram activity on our tracking page
5. Check BST token distributions after a new milestone is achieved here.

A reward pool will be distributed after the community reaches each milestone. The top 20% of the most active users ranked by activity on our tracking page will split the reward pool. The split will be weighed by activity percentage, rewarding more active members with more BST tokens. The tracking page is run by

Milestones and reward pools

>>> Milestone 5 reached <<<

Extra Community Health Reward

Additionally we will be giving away weekly rewards to the community by monitoring the Community Health metric. Community Health measures how many users in the chat group actively generated content. The percent is based on the 80/20 Pareto rule - when 20% users in a chat generate 80% of all messages the community is regarded as healthy. And when the number of active users drops to lower values, for example, only 1% of active users generates 80% of content, the community health rating will drop too. Maintaining 100% or more is considered absolutely great.

Thus, each week the Community Health metric is above 100%, a reward will be distributed from our Community Health Pool. The reward to be distributed is calculated multiplying the Community Health % by 50,000 BST e.g. 180% x 50,000 BST = 90,000 BST. The Community Health reward is distributed to all active members (i.e. users who posted at least 1 message during the week period) for the past week until all Community Health Pool BST tokens are distributed to community members.

Total Community Health Pool: 500,000 BST

We believe the right way to build a vibrant community is to share the creation of value with participating members who see the potential impact Blocksquare can have on commercial real estate markets worldwide.

We would love to have you on board, so take 60 seconds of your time and register here.