Status Closed
2018-04-03 - 2018-05-22
2,000,000 Carboneum(C8)tokens worths 200,000 USD

Our website
Link to our ANN thread
Telegram group for asking questions about BOUNTY please join this chat :

The Bounty will last until May 22th or until the Hard cap is reached, whichever comes first. Violation of any of the terms and conditions will result in termination from the bounty program and you won’t receive any tokens. We reserve our right to decrease the allocated amount for each campaign if that certain campaign doesn't reach expected number of participants.

Check all campaign status here:

Please make a weekly report in this thread to get stakes (first day to submit report is 9th April)
-Write down the name of campaign (Twitter/Article/Facebook/Translation/Telegram)
-Week number (day/month to day/month)
-Your data  (Bitcointalk Profile/twitter account/FB profile/Telegram account)
-Provide the links to your work  tweets/videos/articles/etc.

General Rules
- You must be over 18 years of age
- You must join our Telegram group and “do not talk about Bounty in Telegram group”.
- You must not be a citizen or resident of the PRC, the USA and its territories (US Virgin Islands etc)
- You must explicitly agree and acknowledge terms of the Carboneum Token Sale and bounty campaign
- Each participant can use only one account to join the campaign
- You must not promise any profits to Token Sale participants
- Tokens will be distributed within two weeks after the ICO, not later than 31st May, 2018
- Payment Address will not be changed.
- Please submit Google Form of each campaign before join the campaign.
**For any questions regarding the bounty campaign write a post to this thread and you will be replied asap**

How to Join:
For Twitter
Follow our Official Twitter:
Fill this form:

For Facebook
Like our Official Facebook:
Fill this form:

For Telegram group
Join our Official Telegram group:
Fill this form:

For Translation
Fill this form:

For Articles and Video:
Fill this form:

***after submit Google Form, please inform us in this thread***

Bounty Structure
Bounty campaign is structured as following:

1.Twitter Campaign 20% (up to 400000 tokens)
20% of the bounty pool is allocated to the Twitter campaign — a reward for sharing Carboneum tweets.

- You must follow the Carboneum profile at  
- Your account must have a minimum of 200 followers
- Your account must be active. Inactive and BOT accounts will not be accepted
- Your account must be public during the whole bounty campaign
- You must actively like all Carboneum tweets and retweet at least 5 tweets per week.
- Shares and retweets have to be spaced at least one hour.
- You can retweet Carboneum tweets or create your own with content from the YouTube channel, blog, etc., or anything related to Carboneum.
- The twitter campaign week goes from Monday to Sunday
- Every participant must report about their retweets in this bounty thread every Monday.
- First register and wait for the approval. Please do not start work without being approved first.

Up to 1000 followers 5 stakes per week
Above 1000 followers 10 stakes per week

2. Translation campaign - 20% (up to 400000 tokens)
25% of total bounty pool reserved for all valid translators and community managers. Translate Carboneum’s ANN thread, Whitepaper and Manage local community/thread and get your reward.

- Only Jr. Member or higher can join this campaign.
- Translate the ANN thread, create national Carboneum thread on Bitcointalk and publish the translation. Each campaign participant will receive 100 stakes for the translation.
- There must be link to our official ANN thread at the beginning of each national threads.
- Spamming or any kinds will get disqualified.
- Translating Carboneum Whitepaper - quality translation can add up to 300 stakes.
- ANN thread translator will be responsible for managing their thread (additional 50 stakes for moderation). The translator must keep the thread active by translation of official announcements, news, posts.
- Translations needed for ANN Thread in Japanese, Korean, Spanish, German, Chinese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Hindi and Russian and for Whitepaper in Spanish, German, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Hindi and Russian.
- You are expected to finish article translation in 4 days after you've assigned with the job.
- You will be officially appointed for a translation only AFTER you receive a PM confirmation from Carboneum team.
- To reserve a language please post your interest in this thread.
- First register and wait for the approval. Please do not start work without being approved first, reserved translation language in this thread.

3. Articles and videos campaign - 25% (up to 500,000 tokens)
Rewards for copywriting (articles and blog posts) and videos.

- Article and videos must be genuine (Images, Videos and content from our Carboneum network is allowed)
- All written materials must be above 500 characters and videos must be longer than 1 minute. You must have at least 10 organic subscribers.
- Low Quality Articles and Videos are not Accepted.
- You must have 2 links of our website ( and our telegram group ( in your content.
- Create content that encourages engagement, share or comment.
- Stakes earned depending on quality (decided by Carboneum team after review).
- In order to apply for this campaign, please fill in the form. Do NOT start to work before you get approved (please check the spreadsheet).

Stakes: (stakes double if you have more than 10000 followers)
Get 50, 150, 300 tokens(from medium to high quality content) for every article you write and publish on blogs, news websites or any other popular website related to cryptocurrency.

4. Telegram - 15% (up to 300,000 tokens)
a) 10% or 200000 tokens of Telegram Bounty will be fixed to pay all eligible and active telegram bounty participants.

Join our Telegram channel and get 1 stake!
We will give 3 extra stakes weekly for active user on Telegram group. The activity we expect is to be an active member of the community engaging in discussions regularly. We do not ask you to say Hi to people.

b) 100000 tokens maximum (5%) of Telegram Bounty will be given to Carboneum Telegram Group members. Every 1000 Carboneum Telegram Group members reached – Randomly give 888 Tokens to 8 members

- You must stay on the group till the end of crowdsale.
- You must be active and supportive in the group. Inactive users can get 50% less payrate or can be simply disqualified.
- Using bad language, spamming, advertising any other service in Carboneum groups not allowed.
- Only one account on each platform allowed. a person found to be cheating by creating multiple accounts will be disqualified.
- No question about bounty in Telegram group, please dm to admin or post your question in this thread only
- Carboneum has the right to remove non-qualified member from our Telegram group.

5. Facebook - 20% (up to 400000 tokens)
Please note that the maximum number of Facebook bounty participants is 2000.

- Only one Facebook account per 1 Bitcointalk account is allowed.
- You must have at least 250 Friends in Facebook to participate
- Like Carboneum Official Facebook Page:
- Make a good post/short review on your Facebook status or share a post from Carboneum Official Page
- Like and share at least 5 posts per week from our official Facebook page and must be spaced at least one hour.
- The Facebook campaign week goes from Monday to Sunday
- Every participant must report about their work in this bounty thread every Monday.

Up to 1000 friends or followers 5 stakes per week
Above 1000 friends or followers 10 stakes per week

Carboneum Bounty Campaign Terms and Conditions
- Only 1 percent of Carboneum tokens are available through this bounty program.
- Carboneum Bounty campaign is not an advertising campaign. Participants are not to be considered Carboneum’ promoters and/or employees in any sense. Company hereby denies any legal obligations to the Bounty campaign participants.
- Participants from these countries (USA and PRC) as following are not accepted to receive Carboneum tokens. In exceptional case the company will reward them with corresponding amount of ETH.
- KYC procedure might be implemented before sending the tokens. In this case, participants who do not pass the procedure will not receive the tokens.
- Carboneum reserves rights to change the conditions of Bounty campaign or even cancel it at any time.