Status Closed
2018-01-05 - 2018-03-18

Gain asset-backed tokens - Assets are real estate properties in Switzerland

Cryptectum Bounty Campaign

Gain tokens that are backed by Swiss Francs and later by Swiss rental properties!

Read about our business on or


Total Bounty: 2% of all existing tokens (equals 30'000$ at our modest hard cap of 1'500'000 Tokens). 1 Tokens costs 1$.

Signature bounty: 97.2% of bounty

Translation bounty: 2.8% of bounty

Signature Bounty:


7 post are needed at the forum each week to qualify for a payment

Post must add some value to the discussion and are at minimum 100 characters long

Post do not count if in one of the following topics: off-topic, games and rounds, meta, bounties, campaigns, micro earnings, archival, politics and society

You must not advertise anything else in your signature

Multiple accounts are not allowed in the campaign

Bumping the ANN-thread is appreciated but not mandatory

Settlement is done on a weekly basis, the week ending Sunday 18:00 GMT

To claim your stake write in this thread at the end of the participation period (before changing your signature back)
  • Your username
  • for which calender week(s) you claim the bounty
  • your Ethereum wallet

Bounty campaign lasts until week 11 (end is the 18th March 2018)

Payment ratio

Member: 10 Stakes per week
Full Member: 15 Stakes per week
Senior Member: 20 Stakes per week
Hero & Legendary Member: 40 Stakes per week
max. Tokens per person is 700

Signature for Members:

۞※۞※۞ CRYPTECTUM ║ The income stream through real-estate backed tokens ۞※۞※۞
█████████████████   CROWDFUNDING STARTS SOON    █████████████████
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[center]۞※۞※۞ [url=]CRYPTECTUM ║ The income stream through real-estate backed tokens[/url] ۞※۞※۞
[url=]█████████████████   CROWDFUNDING STARTS SOON    █████████████████[/url]
[url=][Whitepaper][/url]    │❂│    [url=][Facebook][/url]    │❂│    [url=][Twitter][/url]    │❂│    [url=][Linkedin][/url][/center]

Signature for Ranks higher than Member:

۞※۞※۞ CRYPTECTUMThe Income Stream through real-estate backed Tokens ۞※۞※۞
█████████████████   CROWDFUNDING STARTS SOON    █████████████████
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[center][color=purple]۞※۞※۞[/color] [url=][color=maroon][b]CRYPTECTUM[/b][/color] ║ [color=maroon]The Income Stream through real-estate backed Tokens[/color][/url] [color=purple]۞※۞※۞[/color]
[url=]█████████████████   [color=green][b]CROWDFUNDING STARTS SOON[/b][/color]    █████████████████[/url]
[url=][color=orange][Whitepaper][/color][/url]    │❂│    [url=][Facebook][/url]    │❂│    [url=][Twitter][/url]    │❂│    [url=][color=orange][Linkedin][/color][/url][/center]

Translation Bounty:

Possible Languages: French, Arabic, Russian, Spanish

Task: Translate the website including whitepaper

Bounty: 0.7% of bounty per Translation (equals 210 Tokens at hard cap)

Rule 1: Any automatic translation by website or software is forbidden

Rule 2: Only start when you have the OK from us