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2018-04-02 - 2018-04-17

Starting on April.3/2018 and running until April.17/2018 the Dero team will be holding a Twitter bounty campaign. There are 3,000 Dero available for our Twitter campaign over the next 2 weeks. All participants will receive a number of "stakes" or portions of the available bounty each week based on the criteria below (1,500 Dero/week). This means that each week there is a pool of 1,500 Dero available to be earned based on the number of stakes an individual earns in the week.

Please do not forget to fill out the application form below!

Bitcointalk ANN:
Pre-compiled binaries:

-----------------------------------------Dero's bounty general rules and terms-----------------------------------------

1. We reserve the right to remove a bounty participant if we find they engage in inappropriate, dishonest or negative behavior, or if they do not adhere to the terms laid out in this post.

2. All participants are required to join the following platforms and identify themselves to be eligible for entry:
-Bitcointalk bounty thread - (Announce yourself in this thread with your Slack and Discord usernames)
-Slack - (
-Discord - (
-Follow Dero's Twitter account - (

3. We reserve the right to make alterations to any portion of the rules and terms of the campaign with the option to temporarily halt, or permanently cancel the bounty campaign or anything referred to herein for any reason.

4. Participants are prohibited from taking any action that may be considered detrimental or otherwise damaging to Dero's reputation and public image. Prohibited actions include, but are not limited to, misrepresentation of Dero or its technology, falsifying information to promote Dero, posting incorrect information repeatedly (please do your research and use sources), or making any attempt to circumvent these rules and terms.

5. The Dero will be distributed within 30 days of the end date of the campaigns. In the case of the signature and avatar campaigns we reserve the right to allow for 30 days from the date each campaign week ends to verify each segment of the campaign and issue payment.

6. Multiple accounts will not be permitted and any that are discovered will result in a disqualification from ALL campaigns that individual has participated in and any future bounties that Dero may issue.

7. People with negative trust are not eligible for the campaigns. This is final.

-----------------------------------------Twitter campaign rules-----------------------------------------
1. You must follow Dero's official Twitter account
2. You are required to write 2 tweets (Maximum 1 per day) discussing something positive and factual about Dero and include #DeroProject and the url "" (at least 50 characters before #DeroProject and
3. Your Twitter audit must be 85% or above.
4. The minimum number of followers to participate is 300
5. You must retweet a minimum of 3 times per week from ( and a maximum of one (1) tweet per hour.
6. You must also use at least one of the following hashtags in addition to #deroproject: #bitcoin #ethereum #crypto #blockchain #privacy
7. Your profile MUST be public.
8. The maximum number of applicants is 300. Any who register after the 300th registration will be considered in the order they registered if anyone ahead of their position in queue fails to meet the criteria laid out in this post.

Number of stakes earned by rank:
300 - 500 followers: 1 stake
501 - 1,000 followers: 1.5 stakes
1,001 - 2,500 followers: 2 stakes
2,501 - 5,000 followers: 2.5 stakes
5,001 - 10,000 followers: 3 stakes
10,000+ followers: 4 stakes

Bonus stakes: (determined by --Serena--)
Retweet by a mid-level media company: 5 stakes
Retweet by a top-tier media company: 12 stakes
Retweet by a major player or celebrity in the crypto space: 12 stakes

----------------Application form:

Applicants are required to provide a link to their Twitter profile, their Slack/Discord usernames and you MUST follow Dero's official Twitter account for the entire duration of the campaign. You must also provide a post with links once per week to all the activity related to the campaign you've made (your posts etc).

Failure to meet ANY of these criteria will result in immediate disqualification to keep things fair.

(Easy share:

Easy points or facts to post about:
* DERO is the first blockchain to have complete SSL in the P2P layer. This greatly increases privacy and security.
* DERO will be the first CryptoNote blockchain to have smart contracts on its native chain without any extra layers or secondary blockchains.
* Dero is currently backwards compatible with the old CryptoNote protocol (Helium Hydra)
* Dero is a new blockchain technology based on CryptoNote
* Dero combines Cryptonote privacy and smart contracts
* Dero just completed its Q1 roadmap 3 weeks ahead of time
* Dero is now starting smart contract development
* Golang daemon utilizes less resources and syncs faster than original CryptoNote daemon
* Dero Virtual Machines (in development) is a Turing complete, 256-bit virtual machine built for Dero
* Dero Virtual Machines will support the Golang language
* GUI wallets are being added in Q2
* Dero is developing atomic swaps for its new blockchain technology based on CryptoNote
* Dero is now listed on SouthXchange
* Assets may be privately managed on Dero's blockchain
* Dero is developing hardware wallets with biometric protection
* Dero will be performing regular audits and updates of the core cryptography to negate the benefits of quantum computations.
* DERO will be the first CryptoNote blockchain to have smart contracts on its native chain without any extra layers or secondary blockchains.