Status Closed
2018-03-14 - 2018-04-25

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DeskBell Chain will distribute 200 000 DeskBell Token priced at $ 1 per token between all participants of the bounty campaign after the token sale.

Calculation and distribution of tokens will be made after the bounty campaign.

The number of participants in the bounty campaign is limited.

!!! All the participants must register in personal account of the bounty program at Participants must also meet the terms and conditions for installing the DeskBell application on their phones, and also subscribe to the DeskBell information channel in Telegram. Non-compliance with these requirements will lead to exclusion from the bounty campaign.

Calculation of payments for the campaign bounty will be carried out after the completion of the ICO by the following formula:
Participant’s earnings  = (Total amount allocated to the bounty campaign / Total amount of all bounty campaign participants' stakes)  *  Member's stakes


45% of total Bounty pool is reserved for Signature and Avatar bounty campaign.

Rules and Terms:

  • Your rating must be at least Junior Member;
  • Set up the signature "DeskBell Chain" on  Bitcointalk according to the profile rating;
  • Signature must be set up till the end of the bounty campaign, replacing the signature until this time will lead to disappearing of all the accumulated rewards;
  • During this period, you must leave at least 5 messages per week (in any topics) in order to be eligible for a reward;
  • You will receive 50% additional stakes for the addition of our corporate avatar in the profile;
  • If you have received a higher rank during the bounty campaign, update your signature code that matches your rank;
  • Only meaningful and useful messages will be taken into account in the calculation. Messages that do not match the topic or left to increase the number of messages will not be counted. Spammers will not be eligible to participate in the bounty campaign anymore.


  • Junior Member      - 5 stakes for each 10 posts
  • Member               - 15 stakes for each 10 posts
  • Full Member         - 30 stakes for each 10 posts
  • Senior Member     - 50 stakes for each 10 posts
  • Hero и Legendary - 80 stakes for each 10 posts

20% of the total number of tokens allocated for the bounty campaign.

Get tokens as a reward for creating a translation of the DeskBell announcement topic and its moderation, as well as for maintaining activity, making regular updates, announcing news or any important announcements in the created topic.

Warning: inactive dead topics are useless for the project and will not be accepted. We expect that the translators of the announcement will be responsible for moderating their topics and support the activity in them by regularly translating official announcements, news and updates. If an interpreter just created a topic and does not pay attention to it, does not update the information, it will be disqualified or fined 50% of the fee.

Rules and Terms:

  • Translations must be original. Using any kind of tools such as Google translate are not allowed. If found, the translator will be blacklisted;
  • Calculating stakes for moderation, only TS messages are considered. The translator must be active, if the TS is not active, another moderator may be involved in updating and moderating the topic;
  • Do not leave unnecessary messages to increase the number of stakes or , in this case, the messages will not be taken into account;
  • Bounty Manager and the team have the right to change or update these conditions.


  • Announcement Thread Translation - 100 stakes
  • Bounty Thread Translation            - 100 stakes
  • Website translation                       - 250 stakes
  • White Paper translation                 - 500 stakes
  • Moderation/management              - 5 stakes for moderator confirmed post

Translation Languages
  • Italiano (Italian)
  • Español (Spanish)
  • Deutsch (German)
  • Français
  • Português (Portuguese)
  • 中文 (Chinese)
  • 日本語 (Japanese)
  • 한국어 (Korean)
  • العربية (Arabic)
  • Nederlands (Dutch)
  • Hrvatski (Croatian)
  • Ελληνικά (Greek)
  • עברית (Hebrew)
  • Türkçe (Turkish)
  • India
  • Philippines
  • Polski
  • Skandinavisk
  • Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian)

In order to reserve a language you would love to work with and translation materials, you must join our Telegram group and send a personal message to @DeskBellAgent . (do not post your messages on the forum)

If you can do translation into a language other than the ones listed above, please, let us know about it by sending a personal message to our Telegram @DeskBellAgent and become a member of the translation bounty campaign.

25% of the total number of tokens allocated for the bounty campaign.

DeskBell will reward experienced users and video content creators who will prepare materials about DeskBell and / or sale of DBT tokens.

Rules and Terms:

  • Plagiarism is prohibited. You can use official images, creative materials and other content posted on our website;
  • You can place one and the same article on different sites, in this case it is counted as a different material (but not more than 3 copies on different sites);
  • Posts placed on the web-sites with an audience less than 3,000 people are not counted;
  • The description of the article should contain a link to the official web-site;
  • The length of the article should be at least 500 characters, articles which contain less than 500 characters will not be counted;
  • Video / creative content should be published in social networks such as Steemit, Youtube, Reddit, etc. and also contain 2 links to official channels: Official web-site and the  link to the official account in DeskBell social network on Facebook, Twitter or VK;
  • If the materials are posted on the web- site, in the podcast or in the personal blog with good quality content, it is possible to submit up to 3 applications (for example, personal blogs with active visitors, materials in cointelegraph, content on popular Youtube channels, etc.) ;
  • If you host a video, then it must be longer than 90 seconds, shorter videos will not be counted;
  • In order to take into account publication, video or other creative work, add a link to it in the personal account of the bounty campaign member on, unregistered publications are not taken into account.


We will review all the works and divide them into 2 categories, according to which the rewards will be divided as follows:

  • From 500 characters to 1620 - 100 stakes;
  • Over 1620 characters - 250 stakes.

Payment for the video is 500 stakes.

10% of the total number of tokens allocated for the bounty campaign in social networks. We prepared a small package of promotional materials available on the link, for your convenience.

Rules and Terms:

  • You must have at least 100 friends or subscribers;
  • The page or profile must be older than 3 months and have at least 10 posts;
  • The privacy settings must be set as public. All your messages should be publicly available;
  • A member of the bounty campaign must be subscribed to DeskBell page or group if it is in the social network;
  • Only registered on accounts are the participants of the bounty campaign;
  • A member of the bounty campaign must create posts for publication by himself or take them from official DeskBell accounts on Facebook, Twitter, VK or Telegram;
  • All the publications in one social network per day are counted as one;
  • To take into account ready publication, add a link to it in the personal account of the bounty campaign member on, unregistered publications are not counted.


  • Level 1: For participants with 100-299 friends / subscribers - 5 stakes for every 10 publications;
  • Level 2: For participants of 300-999 friends / subscribers - 10 stakes for every 10 publications;
  • Level 3: For participants with 1000+ friends / subscribers - 30 stakes for every 10 publications;
  • Level 4: For participants with 5000+ friends / subscribers - 50 stakes for every 10 publications.