Status Closed
2018-03-09 - 2018-04-09
Nexty Bounty up to $1,000,000
Embrace the chance now!

1,000,000 pNTYs ~ 1,000,000 USD out of a total of 13,000,000 pNTYs are available for the Bounty campaigns to promote marketing on Social Network including Facebook, Twitter and Telegram from March 9th to April 9th, 2018.  

General Terms
1. Nexty reserves the right to remove any participants from any campaign at any time if we suspect any dishonest activity and/or spam on the forum; and withhold the provided tokens.

2. Nexty reserves the right not to accept some forum members in the campaign even if they do fulfill the terms without providing reasons.

3. Nexty reserves the right to pause or stop the campaign, or limit the number of participants in a campaign or exclude several member types.

4. Nexty reserves the right to adjust the amount of tokens allocation at any given time.

KYC verification (50% budget)


Each member successfully registering Nextycoin account and finishing KYC (Know your customer) verification will be rewarded 50,000 NTYs  


- Participants access HERE to sign in Nexty account

- Participants must submit:

(i) a picture of themselves with a paper including ID number and the text “For Nexty verification”

(ii) a scan of government-issued documents (driving liscence/ passport or ID card)

- Only account satisfy all mentioned criteria will be given 50,000 NTYs.

Community development (50% budget)

Nexty has designed an optimal Bounty program integrating all steps to get points here. With some simple clicks, you can:


- Invite friends to join Nexty with successful email confirmation: +100 Point

- Invite friends to join Telegram: +100 Points

- Like & follow Nexty Fanpage facebook: + 50 Points

- Share Nexty’s post on facebook: +100 Points

- Follow Nexty twitter: +50 points

- Re-tweet Nexty’s post: +100 points

Point rank

The points collected will increase participants’ ranks. In each rank, except for “diamond” and “elite” ones, the number of NTYs will be divided to the number of participants. The higher rank usually has less participants, increasing the chance to earn more NTYs.

collecting 500 points - 290,000,000 NTY pot
collecting 1000 points – 500,000,000 NTY pot
collecting 5000 points – 1000,000,000 NTY pot
top 100 – 2,000,000 NTY each
top 10 – 10,000,000 NTY each

*** “pot” here means the total number of NTY distributed to the number of participants in that rank.
E.g: 500 participants in Silver rank receives 500,000,000 NTY/ 500 participants = 1,000,000 NTYs each.
*** “each” here means each participant will receive that number of NTYs
E.g: 10 participants in Elite rank receive 10,000,000 NTY each. Or 100,000,000 NTYs in total will be distributed for top 10 participants.
- Participants must meet the requirements above exactly to receive points
- Our marketing team will check every single circumstance to give fair rewards
- All actions must be kept until the rewards have been checked (sometimes proof will be required to show the checking team)

The total points will be real-time updated, ranks will be updated regularly during our Bounty campaign
*** Any further question, please contact our support team at  

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