Status Closed
2018-02-24 - 2018-04-30

Welcome to the Official Nollycoin Bounty Campaign

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Bounty Allocation
2% is allocated for bounty campaign.
Twitter campaign 15%
Facebook campaign- 15%
Signature Campaign 30%
Content Creation - 10 %
Translation - 10%
Telegram- 5%
Instagram- 10%
Reddit- 5%

1. Negative trust members i.e. using multi-accounts, cheating, using someone else work and spamming, multiple signature for the same users or any kind of unethical behavior for the sake to involve in fraudulent activities will be banned from the campaign and payment will be denied.
2. The bounty manager can make slight changes in bounty campaign if they consider it necessary.
3. Reply on this thread your weekly reports. Always reply a new one. Do not edit
4. Do not quote your previous report.
5. Late reports will not be credited. Do not report for the next week until we give a signal that you can now report.

........Twitter campaign █▄ Twitter ▀█
You should have at least 300 followers on your twitter account
Follow official Twitter account
Your Twitter audit score must be equal to at least 90%.
You’ve to retweet and like at least 5 posts in every week of Nollycoin's official twitter account with hash tag,  #Nollycoin #ICO

300–1000 followers — 1 stake
1001–3000 followers — 2 stakes
3001–above followers — 3 stakes

APPLY status

........Facebook campaign █▄ Facebook █
You should have at least 300 friends at your Facebook account.
Like our official Facebook page
One account for one person is allowed.
You’ve to share and like at least  5 posts in every week of Nollycoin's official page with hash tag #Nollycoin #ICO
You’ve to post at least 5 original posts in your timeline in a week with hash tag, #Nollycoin #ICO

300–1000 friends — 1 stake
1001–3000 friends — 2 stakes
3001–5000 friends — 3 stakes

APPLY status

........Instagram Campaign █▄ INSTAGRAM ▀█
Minimum of 300 followers
Follow our official INSTAGRAM account
Instagram account must be 3 months old
Must make 5 reposts per week
Must make 5 original posts per week
Must use #Nollycoin #ICO

300–1000 followers — 1 stake
1001–3000 followers — 2 stakes
3001–5000 followers — 3 stakes

APPLY status

........Reddit Campaign █▄ REDDIT ▀█
Subscribe to our official reddit account
Your account should be at least 20 days old and have 10 posts or comment karma
Posts and Comments with negative Karma will not be accepted.
External posts should link to either Nollycoin ICO Website or Official Announcement.
1 contribution to nollycoin subreddit = 1 stake
1 upvote or comment = 1 stake
Reply on this thread your weekly activity
APPLY status

   ███  Content Creation Campaign

........Article, Blog, and Video
For article
Content must be original, cannot be copied from others
Articles must contain a link to our Website, whitepaper and all our social media channels.
Author's bitcointalk profile link should be found
Articles should be a minimum of 500 words
Maximum of 3 submission per person
For video
Videos must be at least 1 minute
Link to our social media channels should be found
Link to your Bitcointalk profile should also be added to your video description to verify your ownership
Poor quality videos will not be accepted

Best article review will win:
First place- $750 nollycoin
2nd place- $500 nollycoin
3rd place-$250 nollycoin

Best video review will win:
First place- $1000 nollycoin
Second place- $500nollycoin
3rd place-250$nollycoin

Note: All participants are guaranteed of stake in our content creation program
          Rewards might change depending on the number of participants.
          The higher number of participants will mean higher amount of prizes

Articles : Distribution of tokens
• low quality  —  10 stakes
• fair quality —20 stakes
• high quality—30 stakes

Videos : Distribution of tokens
• low quality  —  10 stakes + 20 stakes if it reaches 5k views
• fair quality —20 stakes + 20 stakes if it reaches 5k views
• high quality—30 stakes+ 20 stakes if it reaches 5k views

APPLY status

........Translation Campaign █▄ ANN █
Reserve translation language and get confirmation before starting localization.
Russian, Spanish, French, German, Turkish, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, Filipino,chinese, Urdu, Hindi, Thai, Vietnamese translations are required
You’ve to translate the Whitepaper, ANN thread and Bounty thread in selected language
Using Google Translator will get you disqualified
After filling-up the form, reply in the thread your previous portfolio as well as the language you want to translate.
Send us a message in telegram after doing this.
APPLY status

........Telegram campaing █▄ Telegram
Join our official Telegram group
Wear our avatar + name extension. You'll get 50 stakes. Example:  Nolly |Nollycoin|
50 more stakes if you are active

APPLY status