Status Closed
2018-02-12 - 2018-03-31


Pycoin is a privacy preserving zero-knowledge protocol-based decentralized platform for writing, testing and deploying mathematically verifiable secure smart contracts in Python language that behave exactly as intended.Unlike Ethereum smart contracts with a history of repeated hacks and stolen funds, hundreds and millions of dollars, Pycoin ensures that no run time errors or intentional/unintentional bugs can be used as exploits to steal funds and corrupt Pycoin smart contracts. Pycoin can be also used as a platform for launching a number of next generation decentralized applications such as scalable decentralized exchanges(DEXs), automated hedge funds and darkpools.

Pycoin uses Simplicity, a new typed, combinator-based, Turing Incomplete functional language without loops and recursion, designed to be used for crypto-currencies and blockchain applications as its target language and Python, a highly popular and versatile high-level programming language as its source. Simplicity was released recently by Blockstream, an influential decentralized application development company. Owing to its Turing incompleteness, Simplicity is amenable to static analysis that can be used to derive upper bounds on the computational resources needed, prior to execution. While Turing incomplete, Simplicity can express any finitary function, which we trust is enough to build useful “smart contracts” for blockchain and blockchain-free decentralized applications.

This bounty campaign managed by BluRPie.

PYCOIN MAIN BOUNTY - 1% of total distribution + Special bounty 1% of total distribution

Bounty Starts: 12 February 2018 - Bounty Ends: 31 March 2018

Airdrop – 10%
Twitter bounty – 20%
Translation and Moderation bounty – 15%
Media (Publications and YouTube) bounty – 25%
Signature and Avatar bounty – 30%



- Follow PYCOIN official Medium page - 1 stake
- Follow until the end of the ICO to get the Airdrop.

- Join PYCOIN Telegram Group - 1 stake
- Stay until the end of the ICO to get the Airdrop.

- Join PYCOIN Twitter  - 1 stake
- Stay until the end of the ICO to get the Airdrop.

- 10 random Medium followers will get 25 stakes
- 10 random Telegram participants will get 25 stakes
- 10 random Twitter followers will get 25 stakes

Register here:

Check your status:

Twitter Bounty – 20%


- Only one Twitter account per person
- Account must be at least 3 months old
- Your account must have >100 followers
- The number of followers fixed at the moment of registration will not increase
- Your Twitter account needs to have at least 85% real followers in accordance with
- You have to follow official Pycoin Twitter
- You have to like and retweet all weekly tweets from our Twitter account:
- You have to retweet and like at least 5 or all tweets per week from Official twitter account.
- You have to make at least 2 own Tweets in a week about Pycoin. Only 1 tweet per day will count.
- Tweets have to be in English and include all hashtags #Pycoin, #OwnYourPycoin, #ICO, #TokensalePycoin
- You have to post the links to your Tweets, Retweets and Likes from Saturday 00:01 UTC to Sunday 23:59 UTC. Reports made earlier or later will not be accepted

- One week - one message with all your links.
- Example of report:

Week #1 12.02 - 18.02
Twitter URL:

Retweets & Likes:


Weekly Rewards:
100-2000 Followers - 1 stake/week.
2000-5000 Followers - 2 stakes/week.
5000+ Followers - 3 stakes/week

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Translation and Moderation – 15%

- Google Translate and other online translators is not allowed. Participants using Google Translate will be disqualified.

- Applications for the translations to multiple languages will not be accepted.

- Languages with own local sections on only


- Translation and publication of ANN/Bounty thread to your language: 10 stakes + 1 stake per page in ANN/Bounty thread

- Translation of OnePager: 10 stakes

Register here:
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Media Bounty – 25%


   •   All publications must be public accessible by everyone.
   •   Your text must be original.
   •   Your text must contain 400 words or more.
   •   Your post must include at least 2 links: to official website and White Paper.
   •   You should have link on your BTT account and ETH address at the end of publication to verify ownership
   •   Only 3 publications (1 publication per blog or website) will be accepted

Rewards will be based on quality and audience:

   •   Excellent: 300+
   •   Good: 100
   •   Average: 50
   •   Normal: 20


   •   Maximum 3 videos per participant will be accepted
   •   YouTube Channel must be at least 3 months old
   •   Videos must be at least 1:00 min
   •   Videos description must contain links to Pycoin
   •   Videos without human voice over will only receive 50% of stakes

Rewards based on quality and audience:

   •   Excellent: 1000+
   •   Good: 300
   •   Average: 100
   •   Normal: 50

Register here:
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Signature Campaign – 30%


•   You have to wear PYCOIN Signature
•   You have to make at least 10 meaningful posts per week to be qualified
•   Post must have at least 50 characters
•   Posts are only eligible in “Alternate cryptocurrencies” section. (Bounty reports will not count)
•   Local languages are eligible
•   No multi accounts. Using multiple signatures at the same time prohibited.
•   Do not make all posts in one day. Rush posting is prohibited.


Jr. Member: 10 stakes per week

Member: 30 stakes per week

Full Member: 50 stakes per week (+30 Avatar Bonus)

Senior Member: 70 stakes per week (+30 Avatar Bonus)

Hero Member/Legendary: 100 stakes per week (+30 Avatar Bonus)

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Technical Whitepaper Improvement – 100% (Separate budget 1% of total supply)

Apply to join the campaign here: soon
- We will select max 9 gifted individuals to work with improve the white paper.
- Collaboration will be over Dropbox and completion by the March 31st 2018.

- If you are selected, I will pm you.