Status Closed
2018-02-20 - 2018-04-28



It is a decentralized ERC20 game project where gamers can earn ScarceCoin tokens by playing in organized tournament or gamer to gamer gameplay. The games wil be ERC20 based which will eliminate the occurrence of cheating and game hacks.


The bounty program will be recorded in weeks with a total of 10 weeks
Week 1 ending 24/02/2018
Week 2 ending 03/03/2018
Week 3 ending 10/03/2018
Week 4 ending 17/03/2018
Week 5 ending 24/03/2018
Week 6 ending 31/03/2018
Week 7 ending 07/04/2018
Week 8 ending 14/04/2018
Week 9 ending 21/04/2018
Week 10 ending 28/04/2018

Total reward allocated for bounty program is 10,000,000 SCO TOKEN and 1ETH = 100,000 SCO TOKEN
• Campaign 1: Twitter Campaign: 20% allocation
• Campaign 2: Facebook Campaign: 20% allocation
• Campaign 3: Article/review Campaign: 25% allocation
• Campaign 4: YouTube Campaign: 25% allocation
• Campaign 5: Translation Campaign: 10% allocation  
• Campaign 6: Telegram Campaign: Separate allocation


• A user cannot participate in more than two of the campaign telegram and any other one.
• There should be no form of dishonesty as any noticed act of dishonesty will lead to being disqualified.
• Using multi-accounts, cheating or spamming are not allowed.
• Report must be entered weekly on the thread here at week endings for twitter and facebook campaign.
• All bounty reward will be distributed after the last week of bounty program.
To register for any of the bounties aside telegram and translation please fill the form associated

Twitter Campaign

Account must be at least 3 months old.
Must follow this page.
Must have at least 500 followers.
You must have at least 80% of real followers
Share 5 retweets/tweets per week.


500-999 Followers : 1 Stake
1000-2999 Followers : 2 Stake
3000-4999 Followers : 3 Stake
5000 and above Followers : 4 Stake

Registeration form:
Spreadsheet Link :

Facebook Campaign

Account must be at least 3 months old.
Must follow this page :-
Must have at least 1000 Followers/Friends .
You have to like and share at least 5 posts per week from our official facebook page or your own unique posts about ScarceCoin.
Your posts must contain official ScarceCoin links


500-999 Followers/Friends  : 1 Stake
1000-2999 Followers/Friends  : 2 Stake
3000-4999 Followers/Friends  : 3 Stake
5000+ and above Followers/Friends  : 4 Stake

Registeration form:
Spreadsheet Link :

Article/Review Campaign

1: Write an article or review about ScarceCoin on any blog or forum or reddit.
2: Article must be unique and should not be a copy of another person's article
3: Article must have 2 links about ScarceCoin including official website link.


Blog Campaign Bounty :
High Quality: 10 Stakes
Good Quality: 5 Stakes
Normal Quality: 3 Stakes

Registeration form:
Spreadsheet Link :

YouTube Campaign

Channel must be crypto focused.
Must have at least 1000 subscribers.
You must post at least 2 videos about ScarceCoin ICO with one showing tutorial on how to mint ScarceCoin token


1000-4999 subscribers : 2 Stake
5000-9999 subscribers  : 4 Stake
10000-19999 subscribers  : 8 Stake
20000+ and above subscribers  : 15 Stake

Registeration form:
Spreadsheet Link :

Translation Campaign

1. Join the official ScarceCoin group
2. Join the official ScarceCoin Channel
3. After joining the telegram group message the main admin to reserve yourself any translation you wish to do.
4. Spreadsheet will be created and given individually to approved translator
NB:You will create an ANN thread where you will not necessarily translate the whole whitepaper but would give a detailed summary in the choice language and make the thread active.


Quality and active translation ANN thread will earn 2 stake. One for translation and another for moderation.

Telegram Campaign

1. Join the official ScarceCoin group
2. Join the official ScarceCoin Channel
For the telegram bounty it is fixed at 50 SCO tokens/telegram username.
Once you have joined the telegram group and channel, simply fill this form :