Status Closed
2018-01-08 - 2018-03-05
SEEDS - Bounty campaign

Start day of bounty campaign: January the 5th, 2018
End day of bounty campaign: March the 5th, 2018

During pre-sale and ICO phases You can get SEEDS tokens just by joining the project community and participating in our bounty campaign. You can find our announcement on for further details.

Check out our project here. Please, before joining us read the whitepaper for all details.

If You have any doubts or suggestions about our project, feel free to contact us at we will answer as fast as possible.

NOTE: all participants MUST COMPILE THIS FORM before taking part in the campaign, otherwise we can not assign the final reward (a google account is required).

SEEDS Tokens Bounty Campaign
SEEDS tokens bounty campaign is built as follows:
5.000.000 tokens (SEEDS), the 1% of total amount, are allocated for marketing purposes. Among these, 4.900.000 tokens (SEEDS), the 98% of above amount, are reserved for funding SEEDS Bounty Campaign, divided in the following way:

  • 40% for Signature Campaign (2.000.000 SEEDS)
  • 35% for Twitter Campaign (1.750.000 SEEDS)
  • 10% for Steemit/Medium Campaign (500.000 SEEDS)
  • 5% for Telegram Campaign (250.000 SEEDS)
  • 5% for Facebook Campaign (250.000 SEEDS)
  • 3% for Translation Campaign (150.000 SEEDS)

During the campaign, users will be assigned “stakes”, which are just a way of accumulating points. The total amount of stakes per user will be used to assign the final reward in SEEDS tokens for each campaign, basing on the above division (so for example Facebook stakes are not worth more than Signature stakes, as they are just independent ways of gaining a percentage on the final reward).
We will assign the total reward in SEEDS tokens at the end of ICO.

NOTE: users can participate to more than a single campaign for extra rewards.
NOTE: our team will try to publish a list with all users and their stakes as updated as possible, for each campaign.


(2.000.000 SEEDS are allocated for Signature Campaign)

Rules and terms:
Join with your Bitcointalk account if you do not owe one (accounts cannot be with negative trust);
Rewards are assigned according to different tasks and user statuses:

  • Member: Comment = 5 stakes; Post = 15 stakes; Signature = 5 stakes; Avatar = 10 stakes;
  • Full Member: Comment = 7 stakes; Post = 21 stakes; Signature = 7 stakes; Avatar = 14 stakes;
  • Sr. Member: Comment = 10 stakes; Post = 30 stakes; Signature = 10 stakes; Avatar = 20 stakes;
  • Hero Member: Comment = 20 stakes; Post = 60 stakes; Signature = 20 stakes; Avatar = 40 stakes;
  • Legendary: Comment = 30 stakes; Post = 90 stakes; Signature = 30 stakes; Avatar = 60 stakes;

  • Comment”: comment our campaign’s announcement on our bitcointalk’s page, rating positively (single comment per account is valuable);
  • Post”: create a new post on, rating positively (single post per account is valuable); at least one reference to our ICO’s website must be present;
  • Signature”: modify your signature as found on the announcement page must not be further modified until end of ICO);
  • Avatar”: modify your avatar to image found on the announcement page (avatar must not be further modified until end of ICO);

Your user status acts as a multiplier (as written above) on each reward.
All four tasks above can only be completed once (for a total of four rewards per account).

NOTE: Signature and Avatar are still to be updated. We will modify this article as soon as they are available. Sorry for the inconvenience!


(1.750.000 SEEDS are allocated for Twitter Campaign)
Rules and terms:
  Check out if your Twitter account has at least 200 followers;
  Subscribe to our pages: main account and marketing account;
  To participate, each user need to like each tweet on our pages;
  For each account (there is no limit to our subscribers), only three tweets and retweets a day are allowed;
  The same reward is assigned to each user who retweeted a tweet of ours, according to the total amount of retweets (regardless of the account, both counts). This reward is then multiplied according to the number of your followers (x1, x2, x3):

  • Followers: 200+; 10+ retweets: 1 stake; 50+ retweets: 2 stakes; 100+ retweets: 5 stakes; 150+ retweets: 10 stakes; 200+ retweets: 20 stakes;
  • Followers: 1500+; 10+ retweets: 2 stakes; 50+ retweets: 4 stakes; 100+ retweets: 10 stakes; 150+ retweets: 20 stakes; 200+ retweets: 40 stakes;
  • Followers: 2500+; 10+ retweets: 3 stakes; 50+ retweets: 6 stakes; 100+ retweets: 15 stakes; 150+ retweets: 30 stakes; 200+ retweets: 60 stakes;


(250.000 SEEDS are allocated for Telegram Campaign)
Rules and terms:
  Create a Telegram account if you do not owe one;
  Subscribe to our Telegram group, but remember that bots and spam are strictly forbidden;
  The reward is split equally among all our subscribers (at the end of ICO, so You must stay in the group until that day).

(250.000 SEEDS are allocated for Facebook Campaign)
Rules and terms:
  Check out if your Facebook account has at least 300 friends;
  To participate, each user need to post the link to our ICO’s website and/or to Bitcointalk announcement;
  The link can be posted on the user’s diary or on cryptovalue-themed groups.
  The reward is assigned according to the amount of likes. This reward in then multiplied by your friends’ number (x1, x2, x3, x5):

  • Friends: 300+; 1+ like: 1 stake; 10+ likes: 5 stakes; 30+ likes: 25 stakes; 100+ likes: 80 stakes;
  • Friends: 700+; 1+ like: 2 stakes; 10+ likes: 10 stakes; 30+ likes: 50 stakes; 100+ likes: 160 stakes;
  • Friends: 1200+; 1+ like: 3 stakes; 10+ likes: 15 stakes; 30+ likes: 75 stakes; 100+ likes: 240 stakes;
  • Friends: 2000+; 1+ like: 5 stakes; 10+ likes: 25 stakes; 30+ likes: 125 stakes; 100+ likes: 400 stakes;

NOTE: You can then share your Facebook posts links to us via a Telegram PM or via mail:;

(500.000 SEEDS are allocated for Steemit and Medium Campaign)
Rules and terms:
  To participate, write an article (both on Steemit or Medium), at least one thousand words long, containing: Seeds© logo/images and at least a link to ICO’s website or announcement on Bitcointalk. The article’s link will then be written on user’s Google form or sent to us by email;
  The article must be original (no abstracts taken from the SeedsPaper, our websites or other articles are allowed);
  The article is then rated by our team, giving a base score from 1 stake to 10 stakes. This score will then be multiplied differently on Steemit or Medium, in the following way:

Medium claps:

10+: x1 multiplier; 50+: x2 multiplier; 200+: x3 multiplier; 500+: x5 multiplier.

Steemit's followers:

50+: x1 multiplier; 100+: x2 multiplier; 500+: x3 multiplier; 2000+: x5 multiplier.

(150.000 SEEDS are allocated for Translation Campaign)
Rules and terms:
To participate, just translate one of the following elements:

  • Whitepaper: 300 stakes
  • Bounty Campaign post: 150 stakes
  • ICO website: 100 stakes
  • Answer to any post on any media: 3 stakes/answer

Only a single translation (meaning a single language) per user is accepted (for a maximum of three major rewards plus a reward for each answer);
Only high quality human translation are accepted;
Translation should be made in simple language;
Russian, French, Japanese, Chinese, German and Spanish languages are required (for any other You wished to submit, first contact us).

Finally, we will be rewarding a month of Seeds© VIP membership, for each user who completes a task in at least two different campaigns. Enjoy our FreeHands© AI before anyone else!
NOTE: This extra reward will be assigned at the end of ICO, along with the tokens
NOTE: Once again, stakes from different campaigns are independent (so 100 Facebook stakes and 100 Twitter stakes do not pile up, but they give a percentage on the final amount of tokes based on the division at page’s top, independently). For further doubts, contact us at
NOTE: This reward do pile up (so tasks from three different campaigns, gives two months membership!)

Useful links:
ICO’s website
BitcoinTalk announcement
Twitter main
Twitter marketing