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2018-02-11 - 2018-04-17
The SilverBit Bounty Program is Now LIVE

Bounty program will begin Feb 10th and run until end of token sale ~ April 17th

Website    TeleGram    Twitter   Facebook   Whitepaper

Total Tokens allocated for this bounty will be 100,000 of SilverBit (SLV), and each Token worth $1.50 This means the total value of the Bounty Pool is US$150,000.



100,000 of the total amount of SILVERBIT (SLV) Tokens will be available for the bounty campaign and other marketing activities. The bounty tokens will be pulled from the SilverBit ongoing development fund and is separate from the SLV available in the token sale. The bounty program will not take away from any funds raised in the token sale.

The tokens will be distributed across 3 campaigns:
Facebook, Twitter, & Telegram Bounty
Contributed Content, Blogs, Media publications & Translations
Telegram Channel/Group Owners

Terms and Conditions of the Bounty Program
Please fill out the dedicated forms in this thread and join our Telegram channel. Bounty program announcements will be posted there.

Bounty program will only be open to a limited number of participants to ensure participants who complete Facebook/Twitter/Telegram Bounty receive a minimum of 50 SilverBit(SLV)

Within 5 weeks of the completion of the token sale all bounties will be distributed.
For support and questions on the bounty campaign please contact us at
The translation campaign is the only bounty campaign that requires permission from SilverBit.
Please email and put “Translation” in the subject line to receive approval to proceed.
SilverBit reserves the right to alter the rules of the program to best serve the development and sustainability SilverBit.
We do not tolerate, fake accounts, swearing, racism, or other bad behavior and participants found to be engaging in bad behavior; will be disqualified.
All content must be handled in a professional manner.

We will send out tokens as quickly as possible with all bounties being sent to your Ethereum wallet within 5 weeks of the close of the token sale.

Facebook, Twitter, & Telegram Campaign

Rules  *You must complete 1, 2, & 3 to receive bounty reward  REWARD = at least 50 SILVERBIT

To take part in the Facebook, Twitter, Telegram Bounty campaign, apply in this FORM.


1- Follow our official Twitter @SilverBitSLV, retweet our pinned tweet & one of our other tweets, and post 2 reasonable tweets about SilverBit, be sure to tag @SilverBitSLV in tweets
Your account must be public and have at least 200 followers.
For your content to qualify, you need to choose at least one of the three contents types below:
Raise / answer questions about SilverBit
Highlight reasons why people should participate in the SilverBit Token Sale.
Do a positive comparison with other token sales and or icos (consider token uses, team, business model, etc.).
Posts must contain 50 characters or more to be eligible.
The tweets must not be removed from your personal Twitter until the end of the Bounty campaign and must be public.
Twitter accounts must be original and owned by you. Fake, dead, inactive, and bot accounts will not be accepted.
Users with multiple accounts will be disqualified.
Twitter Audit for the registered twitter accounts should be more than 85%.
Only register one Twitter account for participation. Users found to be using multi accounts, will be black-listed.
2- Like/follow our Facebook page,  make at least 1 constructive post about SilverBit on Facebook you must put visit in the comments & share 2 posts from the SilverBit Facebook page.
Must have at least 200 friends/followers if using a page. The number of friends/followers must be visible.
For your Facebook activities to qualify, you need to choose at least one of the three topics types below:
Raise/answer questions about SilverBit.
Encourage/highlight reasons why people should participate in the SilverBit Token Sale.
Do a positive comparison with other token sales or ICOs (token uses, team, business model, etc.).
Write one sentence about a positive feature of SilverBit or something you are looking forward to when using SilverBit.
To be considered valid, Facebook posts should contain 15 words or more.
Posts with less than the valid number of words will not qualify.
The posts must not be removed from your personal page till the end of the bounty campaign and must be public.
You must be the owner of the accounts you use and they must be original.
Fake, dead, inactive, and bot accounts will not be accepted. Using multiple accounts is not allowed.
SilverBit reserves the right to exercise discretion when determining what is considered qualifying activity.
3- Join Our Telegram Group

Contributed Content, Blogs, Media publications & Translations Campaign

SilverBit rewards writers, content creators, and publishers with SilverBit tokens for creating quality content.
Content can take many forms and be distributed through many channels, such as, media publications, journals, blogs, video, and more.

SilverBit will exercise discretion around what will qualify; all content is open to evaluation.

Content will be ranked accordingly :

SLV tokens awarded
Top Quality: 300
Average Quality: 200
Poor Quality: 50

To Join send a link of your published content, blog, video, article, etc., complete the form Here

Content must be original.Do not copy others.
You may use any of our official images, logos, graphics and other branding items found on our website.
Articles must be longer than 600 words & Videos must be of atleast 60 seconds.
The content must contain at least 1 link to To achieve beyond average quality a link to as well as one other link to Twitter, Facebook, Telegram or BitcoinTalk needs to be present.
The article or description must also contain a link to your BTT profile to prove your authorship.
Blogging platforms like Medium, Steemit, Newbium, etc., are allowed, but only 3 posts per person are accepted on these platforms.

SilverBit rewards for translating the Whitepaper, ANN thread and Bounty thread.

To reserve a language for translation, apply in this FORM.
Translations must be original and made by the user only.
Using Google Translate and other tools is strictly prohibited and will lead to disqualification.
Translators can take a max of 3 days. If you need more time please request.
Please send link or translation document to

The following languages are welcome: Japanese, Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, Korean, Spanish, Russian, German, French, Portuguese, Italian and Punjabi.
Other suggestions are welcome.

SLV distribution
SilverBit rewards for translating the Whitepaper, ANN thread and Bounty thread.
White paper: 1000 SLV tokens
ANN Thread: 300 SLV tokens
Bounty Thread: 150 SLV tokens


Telegram Channel/Group Owners Campaign

You must be an Owner of a Telegram Group that is only related to Crypto.
Your group should have at least 2500 users for you to participate in this airdrop.
You need to write at least 2 posts about SilverBit with more than 50 words which should include images and then post them in your group.
You will need to pin one of these 2 posts for at least 24 hours in your group in order to receive your reward.
You need to invite @SergioGonz to your group.
Your post must contain a link to and
You need to post your Telegram Group’s link in this thread.

100 SLV per Group Owner

How to participate
Join Our  telegram group: -
Fill the form here: -
Post your Telegram Group name in this thread.

Important Points to Keep in Mind

All Applicants have to fill the participation forms to get accepted and receive reward.
Please read this full post for terms.
All translations have to be approved; so please don't work on translations, unless you have been approved to.