Status Closed
2018-03-13 - 2018-04-25
At Skillchain
we aim for a world where companies, universities and professionals
can rely on the verification of certified skills on the blockchain.

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What is Skillchain?

Skillchain aims to build a world where individuals who stand out singularly for their abilities, track records and completed academic curricula are duly rewarded the roles and positions adapted to their talent and merit.
Ours will be the definitive protocol where universities, companies and non-academic training companies meet to immutably certify your skills and competencies.

Skillchain pre-ICO details:

Starting:  06.04.2018
Ending:    25.04.2018 or whenever cap is reached

TOKEN FOR SALE:  15,264,000 (8% of max supply)
TOKEN PRICE:   1 ETH = 4200 SKI (bonus excluded)

Max supply 190,800,000 SKI
Minimum transaction: 1 ETH
Wallet: Eidoo, MEW (My Ether Wallet)
Bonus: 20% for all pre-ICO participants

POWER DAY: special 25% bonus if you participate on the very first day of our Pre-ICO!

starting from the 13th of March, all Skillchain registered users (you don't need to have already contributed, a registration will suffice) will receive a personal link in their dashboard. This link is your referral link: for every friend you refer to our Pre-ICO, you get 5% of their token contribution amount in SKI 😍😍😍

...but wait, that's not all. Every friend you refer who makes a contribution gets entitled to an Airdrop 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

**Requisites: you and your referred friends must have joined the official Skillchain community

The Team

Team Members

Alfio Bardolla

Owner and founding partner of more than six companies throughout Italy and Europe, Alfio Bardolla needs no introduction. An entrepreneur, financial coach and best-selling author of personal finance books, he is also well-known for his ability to help people make financial decisions that improve their lives.

Davide Mitscheunig, Marketing and Relations
Davide is an investor and Senior Executive with more than twenty years of experience in large multinational companies such as eBay and Yahoo! With his familiarity of the digital age, he has successfully managed several teams and businesses, paying particularly close attention to the study, experimentation and application of the rules that govern marketing and people management.

Alecos Colombo, Product Management

A cryptogeek, Alecos has been a fan of the blockchain technology and its application for more than two years. Also a member of the Blockchain Education Network (BEN), he has a deep understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency dynamics. A seeker of innovative platforms, Alecos believes strongly in the Skillchain promise, and is the driving force of its presence on the education and talent industry.

Alessandro Sandionigi, Business Development Manager

Commercial network development manager in italian and multinational companies. He has consolidated his professional and personal background in business dynamic systems thinking and modelling. The great spirit of curiosity for positive impactful products and the passion for innovation brought him, in the latest work experiences, in a world made of Digital, Influencers' Marketing and Blockchain.

Enrico Tosi, CTO

Enrico is CEO of Artha SrL, a software development company he founded in 1991. Originally an electronic engineer, Enrico moved to the US in the mid-80s to complete an education in finance, attending some of the most prestigious universities, including NYU and MIT. In the decade that followed, his professional career has seen him occupy roles from those of Advisor to that of CEO of Italian and international financial companies.

Giorgia Pellizzari, Asia Representative

Hong Kong based blockchain business development specialist, member of Fintech Association of Hong Kong and blockchain writer at Giorgia is a true tech enthusiast with a great passion for innovative and unique decentralised projects which she strives to help in the Asia region.

Martim Ventosa, Users Special Projects

Working to make the World a freer place through the unleashing of the power of self determination, with a little help from Blockchain

Tech Team

Roberto Fabiano, Blockchain Developer
A graduate in Computer Science and a Senior Web Developer, Roberto has been developing web products for leading Italian companies for eight years. For over a year now, he has also been a blockchain developer.

Andrea Votadoro, Solidity Developer

After having matured a seven year experience in web development for various tech companies, Andrea made the crossover into crypto and has been a solidity developer for a year.

Mirko Rapisarda, Solidity Developer
Mirko is our backend guy-- passionate from a young age for new development technologies, he finally took to solidity development over a year ago.

Domenico Lupo, Front-end Developer

Domenico specialises in our front-end development. A master of web applications, he is excited to bring his talent onboard the Skillchain team.

Advisory Board

Davide Baldi
Serial entrepreneur, expert in the creation of commercial networks, owner of companies in various sectors, including management consulting, and blockchain.He believe that Smart Contract systems within the Blockchain and the Cryptocurrencies representing the new challenge on the market, the beginning of a new era, and want to be a first level player on the international scene.

Giacomo Bruno

An entrepreneur and marketing expert, Giacomo Bruno is the "father of ebooks" in Italy. In 2002, together with Bruno Editore, he brought the first training ebooks into Italy, helping more than 1,5 million readers improve themselves with "non-formal training".

Sonia Giudici
Senior Manager at the Bocconi University of Milan, Sonia is an expert in the development and management of strategic alliances with international partners. She is also responsible for the coordination of the PIM organization that gathers several of the most famous International Business Schools in the world.

Christian Ferri
Christian is a believer in the power of decentralization, and the remarkable impact it can have on our lives. Dubbed by Forbes as "Blockchain Humanitarian" and "Blockchain Expert", Christian is a writer, public speaker, investor, advisor and connector in the space. Fortunate enough to have lived the transition, he brings two decades of traditional business experience coupled with the new decentralized frontier.

Giuseppe Perrone

Consultant in the Performance Improvement division of Ernst Young Finacial Business Advisors at the Rome headquarter. Experiences gained in project management activities in the Financial and Insurance fields. Experienced in Digital Innovation and enabling technologies (Blockchain Expert). Main competences on topics of banking compliance (anti-money laundering), Blockchain and Business Process mapping and re-engineering.

Alessandro Arrighi
Apart from his degree in Economics of Financial Intermediaries at the Università Cattolica of Milan, Alessandro holds a PhD in Economics for Small and Medium Businesses at the Liuc University of Castellanza. He is a specialist in the financial planning of listed and non-listed companies, as well as the author of articles in economics and business strategy journals and university texts. He also holds the position of Economic Counselor of States at the World Parliament for Security and Peace.

Amedeo Guffanti

CEO of 77Agency, one of the biggest independent marketing agencies in Europe, Amedeo started with a team of 10 people to 140 full-time employees in less than 10 years. He also founded GotU, an award-winning marketing technology company and one of the pioneering Facebook strategic marketing partners (the first of 3 in the world in 2011)

Maurice Hany

Entrepreneur, investor, mentor, and advisor who worked in Fortune 500, Startups, and Management Consulting over the past 18 years. Currently the co-founder and Managing Partner of Levels Consulting, a strategic consulting and advisory firm focusing on ICOs, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and token powered organizations.

The Official Skillchain Bounty Campaign

Contribute to the Skillchain campaign by participating in one of the following bounties!
The tasks specified below will earn you SKI tokens, gaining you access to the World’s 1st meritocratic blockchain-based platform.

FIRST OF ALL: in order to qualify, you must join our official Telegram group

Total Bounty Budget: 7,632,000 SKI

The Bounty is allocated as follows:

Article Contest: 2,226,000 SKI
Reddit Brainstorming Campaign: 636,000 SKI
Telegram Campaign: 1,590,000 SKI
LinkedIn Campaign: 1,590,000 SKI
Twitter Campaign: 1,590,000 SKI

All Bounty SKI will be allocated after the end of the token sale and token distribution.

Please submit all bounty contributions via THIS LINK

1,590,000 SKI limit

To qualify:
- All your followers must be real followers
- You must follow us on Twitter (@Skillchain_io)
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For 1 tweet (must mention us + link either to our website, Telegram group, or whitepaper)

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100 SKI for more than 1000 followers on your Twitter account

You must keep the tweet until the end of the token generation event.
You must wait at least 1 day from 1 tweet to another.
Max allowed number of tweets: 30 tweet.

Eg. you have 1200 followers and you tweet 30 times: you will be entitled with 3000 SKI

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Follow our Company page on LinkedIn.  
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For networks with 100-500 connections, every share gets 20 SKI tokens.
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For networks with more than 1000 connections, every share gets 50 SKI tokens.

*”Something interesting” denotes referring to the project and its cause with your personal opinion on the platform’s future.

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Refer a Telegrammer
1,590,000 SKI limit

Our international Telegram community is HERE

...but we have specific language groups too:

Join the group in the language you can converse in.
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If the both of you participate* in our chat...
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- exiting the group at any point will disqualify you from this bounty.
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*Participation counts as a genuine conversation asking about our platform and the project. Please don't just say "hi, when is the ICO starting?" and expect us to give you tokens-- you will have to earn them.

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Brainstorming on Reddit
636,000 SKI limit

Join our Reddit ments/8365fc/what_additional_services_or_features_would_you/]HERE
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Then post your suggestion, idea, or other brainstorming and comment on others as well on the below brainstorming thread. Do get creative and post something that you either find interesting or sincerely think is a good idea. No spam please—if you do not have anything constructive to say, choose another bounty option.

Users who have posted more than once (can be a comment as well) with a minimum of 200 characters each will be entitled to 75 SKI. Sequential posts/comments are not counted, you need to reply on others.

You must have at least 20 Comment Karma to participate in this bounty.

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Article contest
2,226,000 SKI limit

Remember that ICO projects identify a problem they seek to solve, but they don't always have all the answers. Our ICO presents a starting point to a better future based on the blockchain, but for that future to become a reality we also need your views and suggestions. What are your thoughts? Let us know in with a blog post.  

Ensure your blog posts:
1. public (we may share it)
2. are a minimum of 500 words in length
3. are free from grammatical mistakes and factual errors
4. have constructive comments (eg. future applications of our platform? what functions would you include in a “wishlist” for the Skillchain platform?) and, obviously, not trash our project Tongue
5. Tag our Steemit and/or Medium profile, link to our website, and mention our Telegram official community.
If your blogpost satisfies the above requirements, you are entitled to 50 SKI tokens.
The 5 best posts (well-written and engaging) that fulfill the above criteria will be awarded with the following tokens:

1st: 3,000 SKI
2nd: 2,000 SKI
3rd: 1,500 SKI
4th: 750 SKI
5th: 500 SKI

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Token Distribution
Token will be distributed within couple of weeks after the token sale ends (SKI).

Other questions
For any additional question on the bounties please email our Bounty campaign manager at

We hope that you have fun participating in this bounty program and actually make new connections and friends  Cool