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2018-02-03 - 2018-04-01
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ICO and referral program site:

STAPS  ICO Referral program

Registrate on ang get refferal link in account page. When somebody will registrate by your link, your will recieve 3 STB token, and your firend will recieve 5 STB. Also, your can get up 10% from ICO investments (including pre-ICO)!

Referral program for registrations:

You can get 5 STB for registrations by referral link.
You can get 3 STB for each referral that will registrate by your link.

Cashback from registrations referral program

You can get up 10% from ICO investments (including pre-ICO):
5% from first level referral investments
3% from second level referral investments
1% from third level referral investments
1% from own invetments

Steps for getting maximum cashback by Staps Referral Program:

1. Registrate on
2. Move to the personal account
3. Setup waves wallet
4. Share your referral link


How and when do you get your STB tokens and the cryptocurrency earned in ICO STAPS?
Registrate on and setup own waves wallets. STB tokens and cashback will be transfered during 7 days from ICO Staps end.

Where can I see my STB tokens, earned for registrations
In personal account -

Who will get up 10% from ICO investments?
All Waves wallets that was installed BEFORE tokens sale will get cashback by referral program.