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2018-01-30 - 2018-04-01

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Token Distribution

The amount of WBT that will ever be issued is limited to 100’000’000. They will be distributed right after the Token Sale event ends.

Token sale

“Pre-sale” and “Token sale” events will start on Q1 2018, and will last for one month each.
During both events, pre-sale and token sale, 66,000,000 WBT will be distributed at a price 0.000718 ETH. An additional 20,500,000 tokens are reserved for project development and marketing needs, 3,500,000 WBT are dedicated to bounty campaign participants.

Unsold tokens will be burned.

Participants spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1aQCZ1KNgKWjPEdxKJR8OvOk-Ri_8VX4DTBHBNkqSOR0

- Bounty manager and the Whalesburg team reserve the right to make changes to the terms at any time.
- Any offensive or inadequate behavior promoting Whalesburg will lead immediate disqualification.
- In case of any complaints, please comment on this post.

OR register here: https://whalesburg.com/route

Dear Whalesburg users,
We are receiving tons of feedback on our product every day from all sources. We would like to share a big THANK YOU and moreover, we have decided to give real compensation for your efforts during these early stages. We are starting a unique campaign dedicated to the community of miners! Till the end of the token sale period, you will be able to get up to 70% more income in WBT tokens! Next month’s 600,000 WBT will be distributed among miners who support our pool with their hashrate.

Earlier, we announced our MVP launch which is available here: https://pool.whalesburg.com. We have conducted a few tests of our own, but we could use your feedback as well. Miners who move to our pool will get additional profit in Whalesburg tokens, which will not depend on the ETH price or network hashrate — consider it as a Bounty campaign. They are fixed and will continue to be given away until all 600,000 WBT are distributed during this bounty round.

The total amount of tokens dedicated to bounty campaigns is 3,500,000 WBT! This includes a Twitter campaign reward of 200,000 WBT. The rest is reserved for future rounds.


Whalesburg MVP programmed to give you 10% - 70% additional earnings in WBT, depending on how many ETH you mined every 6 hours.
According to the CryptoCompare website, AMD RX 480 has 25 MH/s and brings in around  
0.002 ETH/day profit. This means you can get 0.0014 ETH a day in WBT of additional income per 1 connected GPU of such type.
To get rewards, you need to stay connected for at least four days.

Calculate bonus:

Percentage scaling depends on pool hashrate.
- 0-5 GH/s = 70% bonus
- 5-10 GH/s = 50% bonus
- 10-20 GH/s = 20% bonus
- 20-30 GH/s = 10% bonus

Terms and conditions:

- Bonus WBT will be displayed on your stats page;
- You must be connected at least 4 days in a row;
- ERC20 wallets are supported only (to get WBT);

Participants form:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSchFxhp5MCx6lg3GltY929YBEb520SI9W_JBHdWWHW6kLKBGA/viewform OR register here: https://whalesburg.com/route
Twitter link: https://twitter.com/whalesburg


- From 5000 to 9999 followers - 3 stakes;
- 10000 followers and more - 8 stakes.


- Multiple accounts registrations;
- Spam, abuse and insults.

Terms and conditions:

- You must be an official Whalesburg’s Twitter follower;
- You must have at least 5000 followers;
- You must have at least 80% of real followers (can be evaluated with https://www.twitteraudit.com/);
- Your privacy settings must be “public”;
- Like & retweet every Whalesburg’s tweet;
- The number of your followers will be fixed at the beginning and doesn’t change during the campaign;
- Post self tweets using hashtags #WBT #whalesburg #mining #cryptocurrency #tokensale at least 5 (five) times per week (1 day -1 tweet);
- Stakes will be added in the rewards sheet from Sunday to Sunday;
- You must post links to your tweets and retweets in this thread once a week.


20|40 WBT

Budget: 400K WBT

⛏ Telegram joining: 20 WBT

1. Register at https://whalesburg.com;
2. Join Whalesburg Telegram chat;
3. Fill special FORM;
4. Stay into telegram chat till the end of Whalesburg tokensale.


⛏ Other socials joining: +20 WBT

1. Register at https://whalesburg.com;
2. Join Whalesburg Twitter, Reddit, Medium and Facebook.
3. Fill special FORM
4. Stay in till the end of Whalesburg tokensale.


Tokens will be distributed in 10 days after Token Sale